Magnetic Bracelet for Men - Arthritis Aid. Adjustable size. Copper Bangle with 2 large Magnets. Golf Copper Magnetic Bracelet. Sports, Athletics, Arthrits Bracelets; Arthritic Pain Relief, Carpal Tunnel, Joint Injuries. Tendonitis, Magnetic Therapy Jewellery

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ASIN: B00FED5MUG BSR: 703,756
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Attractive copper magnetic bracelet, suitable as an aid for relief of joint pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, wrist injuries or just to look nice! This ethnic style copper bangle is hand made and features gold and silver coloured intricate detailing that will suit most men regardless of age. Contains 2 high strength therapeutic magnets close to the wrist joint. Magnetic jewellery, such as copper bracelets, are believed to improve blood flow to joints and injured areas of the body. This can help to restore electromagnetic balance, promoting healing and well being. Ideal for sufferers of both OsteoArthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as Joint Injuries,Tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This sturdy men's bracelet can also can be worn to help prevent joint problems in people susceptible to joint pain or arthritis. It is great for men who use computer's daily, play sports such as golf or tennis regularly, are active gardeners or involved in other activities which put strain on the wrist joints such as carpentry or house maintenance.

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